LP 3000 Polishing machine for preparation of Ferrous and Non Ferrous spectrometric samples.

It is supplied with proper lapping tool accordingly to the alloy of the sample to be prepared (Aluminium, Copper, Cast Iron)

LP 3000 basic configuration comes with

  • N° 1 Self braking mono-phase motor 1500 rpm
  • N° 1 Sample Holder

LP 3000 could mount:

  • Cutting Tool system for Non Ferrous Samples
  • Grinding Stone for Cast Iron Samples

The Unit could have different sample’s holder:

  • Basic Sample Holder for different shape
  • Mandrel for round sample
  • Magnetic sample holder

Furthemore is possible to use the LP 3000 together with a complete stand with a dust exhauster.

Dimension and Weight: W 52,5 x D 50 x H 73 cm / 55 Kg