17 Nov


A wide range of electromechanical materials testing machines
suitable for bidirectional tests: tensile, compression, flexure,
bending, cycle, constant load and many others according to
International Standards or customer procedures.

Quasar Line at a glance
Single Column Benchtop for
Low – Force

  • Capacities up to 2,5 kN
  • Small dimensions, high performances
  • Commonly used in microelectronics, wires, small components,
    textiles, plastic films, rubber.
    Dual Column Benchtop for
    Mid – Force
  • Capacities up to 100 kN
  • Multi-purpose, versatile requirements
  • Used for automotive and aerospace industry, non-ambient
    temperature applications; metals, plastics, wood, composites,
    technical textiles.
    Dual Column Floor Model for
    High – Force
  • Capacities up to 2000 kN
  • Tough, Heavy-duty frames
  • Used for high-strength metals and alloys, bolts, fasteners, steel plates, and elaborate components for the automotive and aerospace
    Galdabini has a wide range of customized solutions for specific
    applications and in accordance with International Standards. Our
    expertise allows us to meet our customers’ requirements by
    providing the best testing equipment, gauges, and accessories.

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