Impact Line

17 Nov

Impact Line

A complete range of impact machines for testing resilience covers
nominal energy of 300, 450, 600-750J, following both Charpy and
Izod methods.
A variety of specimen-preparation machines, thermostatic
chambers, instrumented knives, and many useful accessories for
instrument set-up is available on customer request

Robotized Systems Line
Galdabini is a pioneer in automation technology applied to
industrial equipment. The software engineering department’s
dedicated team develops solutions for robotized testing systems
with the integration of Quasar tensile and Impact resilience testing
machines. The winning synergy between testing machines, robots
and warehouse systems for specimens grant users high productivity
and repeatability of results with limited human attendance.
Robotized systems are governed by a GTA area controller and a
dedicated PLC, connected through an Ethernet line.
This setup allows an intensive and reliable 24-hour operation with
lasting performances.
Two lines of solutions are available: Multi and Compact Line, with
six and three-axis robots respectively

Be Galdabini
What is competence for the customer?

Galdabini electronic board is designed and made by using high-quality components at the best state of the art. Widely used in heavy
industrial applications, the board offers important distinguishing
features such as a data acquisition frequency starting from a
standard of 500 Hz expansion capability. High reliability grants
an accurate use even in the presence of difficult environmental
conditions. Thanks to exceptional performance features, this
solution is applied to both robotized systems, subject to intensive
use, as well as on stand-alone testing machines.

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